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Public Invited to Participate in Park Service Management Policies Review

De Soto National Memorial

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NEWS RELEASE U.S. department of the interior national park service
For Immediate Release Contact: Charles E. Fenwick, (941) 792-0458 Public Invited to Participate in Park Service Management Policies Review
De Soto National Memorial Superintendent, Charles E. Fenwick announced today that the National Park Service (NPS) is beginning the review and comment period of the draft 2006 edition of NPS Management Policies. The Management Policies document is an indispensable tool to help NPS employees manage parks and make rational informed decisions. Public comment is invited for a 120-day period, which closes February 18, 2006. The purpose of the NPS Management Policies is to provide basic direction to park managers for preserving and protecting the park resources and to maintain the resources over time. Comments can be submitted in the following ways: 1. Via the web page at This is the preferred method or 2. Via e-mail to or 3. Via surface mail to Charles E. Fenwick at De Soto National Memorial, P.O. Box 15390, Bradenton, FL 34280, or 4. At De Soto National Memorial for reviewing a printed copy of the NPS Management Policies document.
Superintendent Fenwick invites all interested individuals, groups, park neighbors, organizations, agencies, and public officials to submit their comments. Commenters and comments become part of the public record. Please note that names and addresses of people who comment become part of the public record. ?The public comment period is an important first step in the planning process,? stated Fenwick.
De Soto National Memorial is a unit of the National Park Service. The mission of De Soto National Memorial is to commemorate Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto?s 1539 landing in Florida and to interpret the significance of his extraordinary four-year, four-thousand mile expedition, through what is now the Southern United States. Eventually, the descriptions of new peoples and abundant lands provided by participants would help to inspire other Europeans to colonize North America.
De Soto National Memorial is located at the end of 75th Street NW in Bradenton, Florida. Entrance to the park is free, as are all activities. The Park is open from sunrise to sunset; the parking area closes at 5:00 p.m.
The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience their heritage. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA


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