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Sentencing for ADW, Resisting Federal Officer

Mesa Verde National Park

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Mesa Verde rangers responded to a reported domestic dispute occurring at the Morefield campground on August 26, 2004.  The reporting party said that a 40-year old woman had ?rammed? her vehicle into her husband?s vehicle. The husband also reported that she had a loaded firearm in her possession. The vehicle and driver were subsequently located in the park and a felony vehicle stop was made. The driver refused to comply with the instructions of the ranger who first arrived on scene; she soon became very non-compliant, refusing to follow all instructions. She repeatedly yelled at the ranger to go ahead and shoot her and save her the trouble of doing it.  She then got out of her car, continuing to ask the ranger to shoot her because she did not care if she died.  Rangers subsequently tackled and subdued her and took her into custody, with no injuries sustained by any of the involved parties. A loaded .22 caliber pistol was found underneath the driver?s seat in her car. Further investigation revealed that she had attempted to run over her husband with her vehicle on three occasions.  On one of these occasions, she backed her vehicle into her husband?s pickup, which was carrying their children, aged four and nine years old. She also told her husband that she was going to kill him, the kids and herself. The woman was taken to Mercy Medical Center for medical and psychiatric evaluation, where she screened positive for methamphetamine use. On December 2nd, she pleaded guilty to two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of resisting a federal officer. The federal judge sentenced her to 24 months of federal prison (15 months served so far), three years of supervised probation, and placement into an institution of mental health while incarcerated. 


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