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New AMME Visitor Center AMME Visitor Center Hosts Question and Answer Session with Navajo Code Talkers

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Even though the Code Talkers had a very busy and hectic day, it did not keep them from finding the time to share their memories and stories with the public.
After arriving earlier that day on a flight from Guam, the Code Talkers participated in a wreath laying ceremony at American Memorial Park and then attended a dinner hosted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Once the welcoming dinner was completed, the travel-weary but ever-friendly Fourth Marine Division PFCs Albert Smith, Sam Smith, and Keith Little generously returned to the American Memorial Park Visitor Center to participate in a question and answer session with the public.
About fifty people attended the special event. People asked questions such as “What inspired you to enlist?”, “Did you know you were going to be a Code Talker?”, “What was it like serving in the Pacific?”. While it was intended to be a question and answer period, the session evolved more into an opportunity for each veteran to give his oral history.
Each veteran spoke for about 20 minutes about his experience while serving on the island of Saipan. The returning veterans described how they became Code Talkers, explained their training, detailed the events of their serving in Saipan, and told of their feelings and emotions during the war.
The question and answer period lasted for well over an hour and all in attendance were grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to the oral histories of such honorable, courgeous, and heroic men. American Memorial Park was proud to have been able to host the ceremony and the question and answer period.


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