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NPS Career Academy - Vision statement

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 Don’t let the Service become just another government bureau. Keep it youthful, vigorous, clean, and strong.
             -Horace Albright, 2nd Director of the NPS, upon his retirement

The National Park Service Career Academy

Vision Statement

The NPS Career Academy provides an environment for professional development and lifelong learning to promote excellence in all employees and encourages a geographically diverse workforce to interact and engage.


The National Park Service is comprised of nearly 400 units, support centers, and central offices across the continental U.S. and beyond to the far reaches of Alaska, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. With a workforce so dispersed, some employees find themselves not only geographically isolated, but also intellectually isolated – disconnected from each other and often unaware of the resources available to gain the knowledge and skills they need.

 The Career Academy is a Web-based Training Portal, spearheaded by the Training Managers within the division of Learning and Development that provides access to a wide variety of formal and informal learning opportunities offered by the National Park Service and other professional organizations to meet the needs of employees at all stages of their careers.

The Career Academy is a Clearinghouse of Learning Resources providing a variety of information sources all vetted for the use of NPS employees: NPS laws, policies, and procedures, manuals and reference books, quick references, databases, digital libraries, blended learning opportunities, definitive sources, the latest articles on various topics, and more.

The Career Academy is a Community that connects people to the larger NPS community to provide guidance, share information, and support one another and with professionals outside the Service to consider the latest developments and best practices in their fields.


  • Provide employees different career paths in the NPS and help employees chart their own.

  • Provide employees access to a robust array of learning opportunities that enable them to succeed and advance in their careers.

  • Build a community of professionals dedicated to helping each other grow professionally and become leaders in their fields.

  • In the words of Director Jarvis, ‘enhance professional and organizational excellence by providing the tools of the trade’ thus supporting powerful professional development opportunities that underline teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.


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