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30 Call to Action Stories in 30 Days

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The Northeast Region's latest social media campaign shares 30 Call to Action success stories via the newly NPS-approved Tumblr platform. Throughout the month of September, daily stories appear on the Call to Action Tumblr page. From artist-in-residences to bioblitzes to youth leadership programs, 30 Stories in 30 Days reveals the diversity of the Northeast Region.

“With over 80 parks and programs in our region, these 30 stories represent just a small slice of the excellent work our employees are doing,” said Michael Liang, project coordinator, “Sometimes we are so focused on what’s next that we don’t take the time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished. This campaign helps all of us share our successes.” 

While Call to Action may be an internal strategy and initiative, the successes resonate with the public. Compelling photographs and captions act as visual hooks, ultimately linking viewers back to the Call to Action success page on Contacts in the media were specifically targeted and asked to consider these as feature stories. 

While each social media platform has strengths and weaknesses, and one social media site cannot reach all audiences, Tumblr was deliberately selected because of its emphasis on visuals over text and for its easy sharing and reblogging tools. The Northeast Region also coordinated with WASO and will evaluate the project’s effectiveness after the concluding post on September 30.

Follow NER success stories at:

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