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New Interactive Wayside Exhibits Installed

Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park has premiered a new installment of interactive wayside exhibits at its Logan Pass Visitor Center. The “Wildlife Superpowers” exhibits highlight the adaptations (superpowers) of nine species of subalpine animals.

Presented in a comic book style, the exhibits are designed to appeal to Glacier’s younger visitors and families. Artwork for the exhibits was donated to the park by one of Glacier’s Artists-in-Residence program participants.

Each exhibit also features a hand powered, environmentally friendly, audio interpretive device. Audio content is accessed via a hand crank on each “Eco-box.”  Visitors may obtain additional information about each animal superhero’s “vulnerability,” which is tied to climate change and how it may affect that species future.

Children of park staff members recorded the audio so that kids hear the climate change messages from their peers. Visitors may also receive an additional message containing an audio description of the panel. The audio description aids visually challenged visitors and the boxes themselves are designed to be accessible to those with mobility challenges.

The entire project was conceived, designed and fabricated in-house as a collaborative effort between the divisions of interpretation, resource management and facility management.

To see the exhibits online go to the following link and watch the video:


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