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Essential core competencies for VRP

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List of overarching Visitor and Resource Protection (VRP)

Essential Core Competencies – Final 5/23/12

These essential core competencies are the baseline requirements for all VRP employees.  Refer to competency definitions in “Competency Overview” document.  The career fields within VRP are: law enforcement and investigation, security, emergency services, wilderness stewardship, wildland fire and aviation, structural fire, NPS regulations, special park uses, public health, occupational health and safety, risk management, medical standards, and fee collection.

The following essential core competencies have been written to guide the development of the National Park Service Visitor and Resource Protection (VRP) employee development under the NPS Career Academy. The VRP career field includes a diverse group of employees and responsibilities. An entry level individual employee in a particular position at a particular point in time may not require competency in all of these areas; however a successful VRP career employee would.  Mastery of these competencies by VRP employees apply across disciplines, and broaden our effectiveness and efficiency.

This list of Essential Core Competencies have been vetted by the VRP Advisory Committee January 2012, Subject matter Expert group May 2012 and presented to WASO VRP Directorate May 30, 2012 for final vetting.

Essential Core Competencies:

 1.  Law Enforcement  

Demonstrate an understanding of the NPS law enforcement program, how it applies to all employees, visitors and partners, and how employees may assist in upholding the protection mission.

 2.  Resource Protection

Preserve natural and cultural resources and wilderness character through the application of law, regulation, policies, science, enforcement, education, resource stewardship and other techniques.

 3. Emergency Management

Apply knowledge of incident management principles including planning, technical skills and post incident evaluations to effectively prevent, manage, and/or respond to a broad spectrum of emergency incidents that impact park visitors, employees, and park resources.

4. Visitor and Employee Health and Safety

Apply knowledge of safety, health, wellness, and risk management principles to develop plans, implement policy and educate stakeholders to promote a healthy workforce, and a safe employee and public use environment.  

 5. Leadership

Demonstrates the ability to lead or implement change, lead people, create and contribute to a results-driven work environment, possess business acumen appropriate to level of responsibility, and is able to build and maintain coalitions that help in accomplishing work. 

 6.  Visitor Service & Public Use Management

 Understand, apply and/or develop laws, regulations, policies and best management practices to encourage appropriate enjoyment and use of parks, prevent impairment of park resources, and manage collection of revenues to support NPS Mission.

 7.  Program Management  

 Apply an understanding of the organizational framework, techniques and business practices to make the most effective and efficient use of available resources and funding to carry out NPS program objectives.

 8.  Wildland Fire & Aviation

Demonstrate an understanding of wildland fire and aviation management principles and policies to protect employees, the public, communities, infrastructures and conserve natural and cultural resources.

 9.  Structural Fire

Demonstrate an understanding of structural fire prevention, education, suppression and hazard response principles to implement policies protecting employees, partners, visitors, resources and property from hazards including fire.

All subject matter experts listed below: 

Subject Matter Expert names for workshop May 8-10, 2012, listed by Core Competency:

Liaison = advisory committee members with Chairperson, Lead = lead role on subcommittee

1. Law Enforcement – Don Usher liaison, alternate Tammy Keller + 3 persons total.

 Lead: Don Usher, NPS LETC Superintendent

Tom IanDimarino, EVER District Ranger

Joe Pond, GTSM Park Ranger

Mark Cultler, San Antonio, NPS ProRanger Academy – IMR NPS Coordinator

2. Resource Protection (Cultural, Natural and Wilderness) – Clayton Jordan liaison, lead +2

 Lead: Neal LaBrie (AK) Natural Resources

Bob Palmer, Chief Ranger HEHO for CR (altern: Vincent Santucci, Paleontologist)

Mark Marshall for Wilderness YOSE

Connie Myers, Director of Arthur Carhart national Wilderness Training Center

3. Emergency Management – Ed Visnovske liaison, 1 lead + 3 sub leads (SAR, EMS, ICS, and Structural Fire)

 Lead: Ed Visnovske

Brian Johnson, Structural Fire NIFC/NPS

Ken Phillips WASO/DOD SAR

4. Visitor and Employee Health and Safety – Louis Rowe liaison + 2 (Risk Management & Public Health)

 Lead: Sara Newman, Deputy Risk Mgt (visitor and public health) WASO

Chuck Young, MORA Chief Ranger (rep in visitor safety)

Ralph Jones, CABR Chief Ranger

5. Leadership – Chris Pergiel liaison + 2 (problem solving, communications, conflict management, change mgt, etc.)

 Lead: Kim Watson, Retired Chief Ranger

Rachel Romero, IMR GOAL Program

Bill Pierce, Retired Superintendent

6. Visitor Service & Public Use Management (fees, special park uses, regulations,) – Norah Martinez liaison + 3

 Lead:  Jim Hummel, Chief of Operations at VOYA Voyageurs National Park

Lee Dickinson, WASO-SPU

A.J. North, WASO Regulations

*Pending Fee Collection: Jane Anderson, WASO or Patricia Ludwick, Fee Manager CAHA (later fee collection was pulled from VRP and reassigned under Business Services division)

7. Program Management (budget, planning, project management, writing, etc.) – Paul Austin liaison + 3

 Lead: Ken Mabery, Supt Scotts Bluff

 Phyllis Seamster, Fire Program Assistant Lake Meridith

Consultation with: Biddy Simet - GLAC. (Administrative support for VRP)

8. Wildland Fire & Aviation – Norah Martinez liaison + 3

 Lead: Dave Crary, CACO FMO

Rich Richotte, AK Pilot Kijik District Ranger, LACL

Mark Koontz, Wildland Fire NIFC/NPS

Meg Gallagher, SER Regional Aviation Manager

Consultation with: Ken Barnes

9. Structural Fire – Brian Johnson liaison +1

 In consultation with Hal Spencer, NIFC Program Manager

Needs Assesment CESU consultant: Dr. Brett Wright, Clemson University


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