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GOAL Academy Seeks Future NPS Leaders

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Applications are now being accepted for the 2014 GOAL Academy program.

GOAL (Generating Organizational Advancement and Leadership) Academy is a cohort-based development program designed to enhance leadership skills and address NPS competencies in supervision, management, and leadership.  Participants in this seven-month program will explore various aspects of leadership: self-awareness, team building, strategic thinking, ethics, leading change, conflict management, and championing diversity.

The program is open to permanent employees GS-9 through GS-12, WG-8 and above, WL-6 and above, and WS-6 and above. Up to 75 employees will be selected for the seven-month program and join one of three cohorts. Each cohort will meet four times throughout the year; therefore, applicants must be able to attend each session with their selected cohort.

All tuition and travel costs for selectees will be paid for by regional offices and participating WASO directorates. Applications will only be accepted through the link below and must be submitted by September 5th.

GOAL originated at Grand Canyon National Park in FY09 as a parkwide mid-level leadership development program. With financial support from Intermountain Region, the program quickly expanded to serve the entire region. In FY13, GOAL welcomed participants from five regions with support and funding from participating regional directorates. This year, funding will be provided by all seven regions and several WASO directorates. 

For more in-depth information and to apply for the FY14 GOAL Academy, please click on the link below.


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