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Emergency Response Team Training Held

Homestead National Monument of America

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On August 10th, the park, the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and Gage County Emergency Management Agency hosted the third annual Nebraska Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Conference.

The team of over 50 members from all over Nebraska tested their disaster preparedness skills during an exercise that simulated an explosion occurring in the park.

The participants performed search and rescue, conducted medical triage, and provided patient transport to the fifteen volunteers acting as victims during the exercise. During the conference, CERT members were also given an opportunity to work with StarCare Air Ambulance on how to establish safe landing zones.

Members were also taught by Donald Gross, fire inspector/investigator and explosive technician with the Lincoln Bureau of Fire Prevention, on how to identify, report, and evacuate should they find themselves in an area where an explosive device has been found.

"We are grateful to be able to provide an area for the local community to practice their emergency response skills," said Mark Engler, superintendent of Homestead National Monument of America. "Even if we hope that we never have to use these skills in real life, it is important to prepare in case such an event should happen."

The conference concluded with an after action review of the exercise.


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