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The NPS is working with the digital agency Threespot to determine how to best navigate visitors through and other digital platforms to meet their trip planning objectives and expose them to new opportunities.

They're currently in the research phase of the project, and an important part of that is reaching out to parks to get their unique perspectives on how the ‘Plan Your Visit’ experience can be enhanced, both for parks and visitors.

While the focus is on the ‘Plan Your Visit’ sections of (found as a top-level navigation item on all park websites), parks are encouraged to expand their answers beyond their specific park pages or even beyond the website. Visitors use lots of resources, some NPS and some non-NPS, to plan their trips, and your input will be welcome on those non-NPS resources as well.

Parks are being asked to answer three open-ended questions by August 23rd. Only one survey response per park should be submitted.

If you are a park employee interested in contributing ideas, whether you are from interpretation, resource management, maintenance, fees, concessions, or anywhere else, please contact your park’s primary web author. That person will know the questions, open up the discussion to all interested staff, compile the results, and submit one collective response for your park. And, they will be able to provide some context and information about your park’s ‘Plan Your Visit’ section of the website before addressing the survey questions.

Thanks in advance for contributing to this discussion and providing information that will improve the ‘Plan Your Visit’ experience for park visitors. If you have any questions, please contact your park web author. If you are a park web author and have any questions, please contact you regional web manager.


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