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2013 Fuels and Ecology Awards Program

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To: Regional Fire Management Officers
Attn: Park Fire Management Officers
From: Branch Chief, Wildland Fire Management /s/ William Kaage
Subject: 2013 Fuels and Ecology Awards Program

I am pleased to announce the call for nominations for the Fuels and Ecology Awards Program. The National Park Service’s Fuels and Ecology Awards Program recognizes parks, regional offices, groups or individuals in five areas of achievement. The five achievement awards categories signify exemplary efforts in: 1) The Brad Cella Award Achievement in Managing Fuels; 2) Achievement in Implementing Adaptive Management; 3) Achievement in Promoting Fire-Adapted Human Communities; 4) Achievement in Managing a Wildfire; and, 5) Achievement in Restoring and Maintaining Fire-Adapted Ecosystems.

The goal of the NPS Fuels and Ecology Program Awards is to promote areas of emphasis that are important to the mission of the National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of the Interior (DOI). The five areas of recognition have been selected from: the NPS Wildland Fire Management Strategic Plan and the DOI Wildland Fire Performance Measures. The awards are meant to acknowledge those programs that have best aligned their efforts with the NPS and DOI Hazard Fuels Program goals.Award recipients in each of the five areas of achievement are presented with a plaque to display at their home office.

The Brad Cella - Achievement in Managing Fuels award will recognize a park, cluster, regional office, group, individual, or a combination of levels that have shown diligence and proficiency in managing fuels funds to reduce risk to critical park(s) values. This award is not for a specific project, but looks at programmatic implementation of projects that have effectively reduced risk to park(s) values. Reducing risk involves successful planning, implementing and evaluation of project(s). It also involves tracking balances and expenditures of hazard fuels funds, and promptly reporting to the region or national office unspent or overspent accounts so funds can be reallocated to other projects. This award acknowledges accomplishments that may have occurred this past fiscal year and/or accomplishments that may have occurred over many years and have led to a successful fuels management program.

The Achievement in Implementing - Adaptive Management award will recognize a park, regional office, group, or individual that has substantially promoted the use of Adaptive Management in their area of influence. Criteria to determine the award recipient(s) include a successful fire effects monitoring program, research and data analysis that have resulted in positive program change, and a collaborative, cooperative effort between fire management and other NPS staff and non-NPS organizations. The Achievement in Promoting Fire - Adapted Human Communities award will recognize a park, regional office, group, or individual that has contributed to the designation of a “Firewise Community,” Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and/or significantly lowered the risk of wildfire negatively impacting a community.

The Achievement in Managing a Wildfire award will recognize a park, regional office, group, or individual that successfully managed one or more wildfires, resulting in achieving resource management goals, hazard fuel reduction objectives, cost containment, and safety for firefighters and the public.The Achievement in Restoring and Maintaining Fire-adapted Ecosystems award will recognize a park, regional office, group, or individual whose efforts and fuels program have contributed to moving or maintaining NPS lands in desired conditions. Criteria would include having defined desired conditions, monitoring and analysis program, and collaboration with local jurisdictions.

Nominations for the awards must be for a park, regional office, group, or individual. The nomination must be on the NPS Fuels & Ecology Award Nomination form (Attachment 2). Nominations must be submitted to the NPS Fuels Advisory Team through the servicing Regional Fire Management Officer. Each region may submit as many nominations as they want for each award category. Each nomination should clearly indicate the specific achievement award for which it is being nominated. Regions will send nominations in a pdf format electronically by August 31, 2013 to

The Fuels Advisory Team will make award recommendations to the Fire Management Leadership Board, who will determine the award winners. A description of the awards criteria and the nomination form are attached.

Directions for Submissions:

  • Submit nominations to your Regional Fire Management Officer.
  • Be sure to include the names of all nominees.
  • Clearly identify the category for which the nomination is submitted.
  • Provide a written narrative with supporting photographs and documents. Please limit your nomination to three pages or less, including photos and/or graphics. Please compress photos and graphics to reduce electronic file size.

Questions about the Fuels and Ecology Awards should be addressed to NPS Fire Ecologist Nate Benson, at 208-387-5219.


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