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Upper Delaware Holds First Bioblitz

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

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The first Upper Delaware Bioblitz was held on June 28th and 29th on a 64-acre property owned by the Norcross Wildlife Foundation bordering the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.

Nine teams comprised of scientists from the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences and several universities and agencies, as well as students and volunteers, combed the property to discover and identify amphibians and reptiles, aquatic macroinvertebrates, birds, plants, fish, fungi, invertebrates, mammals, and mosses and lichens.

Over 1000 species of plant and animal life were documented in 24 hours on the property and in the waters bordering it, highlighting the diverse community of living things found here that acts to efficiently enrich the soil, cycle nutrients, purify water, pollinate plants (including our crops) and create the very air we breathe – all ecosystem services that benefit and sustain us, which we could not easily re-engineer.

The public was invited in on Saturday to view the results, talk with team members, and participate in instructive programs provided on the site. This educational, biodiversity discovery event supported Call to Action Strategy #7 “Next Generation Stewards”.  

The park extends its thanks to the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Office, the Northeast Regional Office, and the Washington Office for their support of the Upper Delaware Bioblitz.

For more information and photos, see either the bioblitz Facebook page or the Upper Delaware bioblitz webpage.


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