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Park Hosts Family Day Event

Glen Echo Park

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On Saturday, May 4th, Glen Echo Park, a site administered by the George Washington Memorial Parkway, hosted its annual “Family Day” event. The event, co-hosted by the non-profit Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, marks the opening day of the historic 1921 Dentzel Carousel. An estimated 3,000 carousel tickets were sold and over 4,000 total visitors enjoyed the other activities that were offered.

The park presented exhibits on the park’s history, Junior Ranger programs, a children’s coloring contest, and a new photo activity titled, “Looking into the Past.” Based on the “picture-within-a-picture” concept, this new Glen Echo Park activity encouraged visitors to look into the past by letting the past and present blend together and creating their own form of photographic art.

Laminated cards of historic photos of the park were provided and visitors were supposed to find where the photo was originally taken. Instructions on the back of the cards asked visitors to hold the photo up in the setting in front of them and snap a picture of their own. Plans are underway to use this photo activity as the key part of a new scavenger hunt program later on in the summer.


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