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Saratoga NHP Inspires Revlon Cosmetics

Saratoga National Historical Park

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Saratoga Battlefield Inspires Revlon Cosmetics

Relevance – it’s not just for youth or underserved audiences! Welcome corporate America, specifically Paul Murphy, Senior VP of Revlon Cosmetics who brought his team of 20 executives to Saratoga NHP for an inspirational lesson about historic “Game Changers.”

“Murph,” a Saratoga local who now lives in Manhattan remembered his earlier visits to Saratoga NHP and was struck that a major lesson from the “Turning Point of America’s Revolutionary War” was exactly the inspirational story he needed to “rev” up his crew. Being a marketing man, Murph calls Saratogaa “Game Changer” and asked if Saratoga NHP staff could specifically use that phrase in an interpretive program for his crew. Interpretive Ranger Joe Craig definitely rose to the challenge, as later relayed by the animated executives.

After the program, the executives were clearly inspired and took on new personalities. One womanmentioned how she sees her role (in a new start-up branch of Revlon) as militia against the big corporate armies. Another spoke about being inspired to use Saratoga’s story as a mental picture whenever huge obstacles come his way. And Murph was all smiles, as he saw his enthusiastic crew tell each other stories about military strategies to overcome their corporate struggles.

Saratoga is often dwarfed by size and duration of other battles. Yet the victory won here was the resultof great bravery and determination in the face of nearly insurmountable odds – a meaningful metaphorfor individuals and corporate America too.


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