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Women’s Rights NHP to Show "Independence" in Winter Film Festival

Women's Rights National Historical Park

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Women's Rights National Historical Park continues its second annual Winter Film Festival by showing the film Independence at 12:00 Noon on Friday, January 11, and Saturday, January 12, 2013.

The Wesleyan Chapel, site of the First Women’s Rights Convention and sometimes referred to as the “Independence Hall” for women is one of the four historic sites the park preserves and protects. Superintendent Tammy Duchesne said, “we are proud to be part of the National Park system, and invite everyone to make their own connections between the first American Revolution and the one that took place here in Seneca Falls in 1848. The organizers of the First Women’s Rights Convention were inspired to write and present their own version of the Declaration of Independence; we are pleased to be able to inspire this and future generations to find their voice.” The five women organizers titled their document the Declaration of Sentiments and it called for a radical change in Jefferson’s version by boldly declaring that “all men and women are created equal.” Read the entire text here at

Directed by John Huston, this film transports the viewer to 18th-century Philadelphia with Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others to experience the unfolding drama of the struggle for independence.  Watch their deliberations as they creatively fashion a new form of government.  The running time for Independence is 28 minutes.



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