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Artist-In-Residence Art Demonstration Series Held

Big Cypress National Preserve

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Current Artist-In-Residence Pippin Frisbie-Calder recently held a series of artist workshops demonstrating her printmaking-woodcut etching techniques to three very different (and very appreciative) audiences.

  • September 3 – The first demonstration was held for three hours at Oasis Visitor Center, where, upon arrival, dozens of lucky visitors discovered the workshop was taking place and walked away knowing much more than they anticipated.
  • September 5 – The second was held for employees at Preserve Headquarters during their lunch break. Staff refer to it as "Lunch-n'-Learn."
  • September 7 – The third demonstration was held at a local high school, where Pippin taught her techniques to over 300 art students. Her demonstration was followed by an interpretive program by a park ranger regarding the historical significance art has played in the formation of the national park idea.

 “Woodcarving is the process of creating a relief through removing wood that would otherwise print as a solid, so that it prints as negative space,” says Pippin regarding her work.”The inability to create tone in woodcut leaves a very graphic result, similar to the ink drawings of comic artists. This image is then inked and printed onto paper, where it will print as the reverse of the woodcut. The process of woodcut has been used throughout history in broadsides, as the first public means of distributing information."

The art demonstration series offers a chance for the visitor to learn more about how our Artist-In-Residence create their works of art while at the park. The Artist-In-Residence program offers professional writers, composers, and visual and performing artists the opportunity to pursue their artistic discipline while being surrounded by the park's inspiring landscape.

For more information about the program, please click on the “More Information” link below.

These Artist-In-Residence program workshops met “Call To Action” item, Arts Afire."

For more information about the workshop, please call the Oasis Visitor Center at 239-695-1165.


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