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Final Stop: New York City!

Gateway National Recreation Area

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GATE welcomes its newest team members, Al and Janie Mayton. Al is the newly appointed asset program manager, and his wife Janie serves as the housing management assistant. They are originally from Texas and both have seventeen years of park service experience. Their prior duty stations were Big Bend National Park (BIBE) in Texas, and San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (SAFR). Their dual careers have allowed them to travel to different parks and communities and contribute to them in positive ways.  Al and Janie have now made their last career stop in New York City.  

Janie said, “Al and I both look at our careers at the National Park Service as one big adventure!”

Janie’s park service career has been quite the journey; and not simply because she and Al have moved around a bit, but also because of the positions she has held.  While at SAFR Janie served as the Facility Security Specialist; at BIBE she worked as the park entrance fee manager and park ranger in interpretation.  What led them to the Northeast was their spirit of exploration.  Neither of them has ever lived on the east coast; Al and Janie’s first time ever visiting New York City was during Al’s job interview this past May.

Although they are now proud New Yorkers, their friends, who still live on the west coast, are very important to them.  They have a son (who is a pastor), a daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren in Colorado whom they plan to see during the holidays.  “Our son is always telling people he’s proud of us, and that he’s jealous that Al and I have more adventures than he does,” said Janie.

Aside from the couple’s drive to see a new part of the country, Al confessed, “I came to New York for the challenge.” Al likes challenges. He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam and worked as a police officer for twenty years.  Working with GATE provides a new set of challenges for Al to overcome. Now, as asset program manager for all GATE divisions and the HAPA Work Control Center, Al has already formulated his goals to improve the parks.  His major goal is to enhance the level of productivity and safety for everyone who utilizes the park and everyone who works at GATE.  “We need to respect and take care of our co-workers,” Al asserted. “Safety is our most important task.”

Together Al and Janie are excellent examples of what a dual-career couple in the NPS can experience.  Outside of working and serving outstanding people throughout the park, they show us that you can also take your career on the road, and journey through the United States one park at a time.


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