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Rangers Assaulted During Beach Confrontation

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

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On the afternoon of Sunday, September 2nd, rangers received a call from park dispatch regarding a group of people threatening to drown NPS lifeguards at a park beach in Milford. Rangers Keith Winslow, Andrew Winslow and Elizabeth Winslow soon arrived at the beach and ordered the members of the group out of the water. While dealing with them, other family members came down from the beach pavilion and became disorderly. Acting on information from the lifeguards, who’d identified the woman who’d instigated the problem, Keith Winslow removed her from the crowd and placed her under arrest. He was attempting to walk her to his patrol vehicle when a man from the group started interfering. He squared off at both Keith Winslow and Andrew Winslow, and, despite repeated commands to back off and leave, moved in and chest bumped Keith Winslow.  The ranger responded with a stiff arm in an attempt to push the man away, but he again came back at Winslow and was taken to the ground, where he continued to fight to regain control of his hands. Elizabeth Winslow heard the commotion and came over from the lifeguard stand, where she had been getting witness statements. Family members had pressed in tight on the two rangers struggling with the man on the ground, so she took her taser out of its holster and commanded them to back away. She then fired it at the man, striking him in the chest. The probes were too close to one another to be effective, though, so she fired a second time, this time causing the man to stop fighting. The man and woman were arrested. The woman was taken to the ranger station, but the man, as per protocol, was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, as one of the probes struck him in the upper chest close to his neck/throat. One of the rangers suffered injury to his knee, requiring a medical evaluation. Other rangers from both Delaware Water Gap and Upper Delaware responded along with officers from Milford PD and Eastern Pike Regional PD to assist in controlling the crowd.


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