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Cowpens National Battlefield Issues 88 America the Beautiful Military Passes

Cowpens National Battlefield

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On Saturday, August 25, 2012, Cowpens National Battlefield Celebrated the 96th anniversary of the National Park Service, the park’s Revolutionary War history, and HONORED our nation’s veterans.

On Founder’s Day 2012, two separate activated units of the North Carolina Army National Guard visited the park for staff rides. A staff ride is comprised of a military group studying historic battles onsite and applying the lessons learned to modern-day warfare and leadership. Military units frequently visit Cowpens National Battlefield to learn how General Daniel Morgan was able to successfully execute a double envelopment or “pincer movement”, a classic military maneuver in which the enemy flanks turned and Banastre “Bloody” Tarleton’s elite British force was defeated in what is arguably the turning point of the American Revolution.

While the groups were here, the park, which does not routinely issue passes, coordinated through local media outlets the opportunity to honor the military by having the new America the Beautiful Military Passes available for issuance on Founder’s Day. Park Ranger Jonathan Riner, an Operation Enduring Freedom combat veteran, partnered with Carl Sandburg National Historic Site to acquire passes for this special event, and issued 88 over the course of the weekend. Rangers will also be on hand this week to issue these passes to veterans at the Cherokee County Department of Veteran Affairs.

“I am always fascinated to listen in on our men and women of the military who visit this park and make relevant during their battlefield talks, the leadership, tactics, strategies, weapon systems, intelligence and logistics demonstrated on this site by our 18th century veterans. Ranger Riner is doing an outstanding job of building our outreach successes with active duty as well as veteran men and women” stated park superintendent, John Slaughter.

In addition, members of the South Carolina Rangers reenacting group gave 18th century small arms firing demonstrations for visitors and taught the drill to both children and the 21st century soldiers. Robert Hall, one of the reenactors stated, “The military enjoyed learning the drill as much as the children did, and I really enjoyed drilling National Guardsmen.”


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