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Rangers Make Arrests In Car Clout Case

Fort Matanzas National Monument

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A ranger from Ft. Matanzas saw a suspicious vehicle parked in the Riverside Lot on State Road A1A at the beginning of his shift last Friday. The vehicle and its driver matched the descriptions of those associated with a car clout that occurred on Sunday, August 12th, in the same lot. The ranger, who was on a plainclothes surveillance detail targeting car clouts, moved to a position where he could observe the two people in the vehicle. While moving to a concealed vantage point and calling for backup from the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office, he heard breaking glass and a car alarm sounding. He identified himself and ordered the pair to stop, but they instead fled in the car at a high rate of speed. As they drove off, they discarded items from the vehicle, including a purse and a window punch. A “be on the lookout” message was broadcast to surrounding agencies and the passenger in the car was soon located by St Johns deputies and arrested by rangers. The driver was soon found as well and also arrested by sheriff’s office canine teams supported by a helicopter. The two are currently being held on federal charges without bail. 


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