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Injured Hiker Rescued From Waterfalls Canyon

Grand Teton National Park

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An injured hiker was rescued via helicopter from Waterfalls Canyon last Saturday afternoon. Jessica Haines, 21, fell about 20 feet while ascending the canyon just above Columbine Cascades. She was hiking with two companions when they decided to separate while Haines hiked high off to the north side of the canyon to view geologic features before reuniting with them at Wilderness Falls. She fell vertically in a rocky area before coming to rest on a ledge, sustaining non-critical injuries. Due to her location and injuries, Haines was unable to continue down the canyon. She radioed for help using a VHF radio typically carried on maritime vessels and watercraft. A park ranger on a routine patrol of Jackson Lake heard the transmission and notified dispatch. Rangers reached Haines at 6:30 p.m., provided emergency medical care, and prepared her for a short-haul flight. Haines was short-hauled from the location to a landing zone on the west shore of Jackson Lake before being transported across the lake on park patrol boat. She was met by a waiting park ambulance on the east shore and transported to St. John's Medical Center in Jackson for further care. [


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