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Fort Frederica Announces Entrance Fee Rate Change for 2006

Fort Frederica National Monument

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Fort Frederica National Monument Announces Entrance Fee Rate Changes for 2006
On Sunday, January 1, 2006, Fort Frederica National Monument will begin charging visitors who are 16 years of age and older, in accordance with the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (Public Law 108-447) signed on December 8, 2004, by President George W. Bush.
This Act created a multi-agency fee authority for the National Park Service and four other Federal land agencies allowing them to retain the majority of the fee revenues collected at the site to be used for improvements related to visitor use and enjoyment. At Fort Frederica the park film, History Uncovered, was funded using these monies. The Act also defined prohibitions to charging entrance fees. Persons who are 15 years of age and younger may not be charged an entrance fee, repealing previous legislation that prohibited anyone age 16 years old or younger from begin changed.
Other changes to the fee schedule for Fort Frederica National Monument in 2006 include:
• $3/person (Age 16 and Above) Entrance Fee (Eliminating the vehicle fee)
The receipt for the fee is good for 7 days of reentry. The National Parks Pass, Golden Age Passport, and Golden Access will continue to be honored and can be purchased at the Visitor Center.
For additional information please contact Kim Coons at 912-638-3639 or visit our website at


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