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Park Film Wins Top Honors At Festival

White Sands National Monument

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White Sands National Monument’s 17-minute visitor orientation film, “A Land in Motion,” has been honored with two awards that will be conferred at the upcoming 35th International Wildlife Film Festival.

Produced in 2011, the film was named the best film in the government film category and also received a merit award for cinematography.

Henninger Media Services, under contract with the National Park service, worked closely with park staff for two years to produce the film, which captures the brilliant beauty of the white sands through stunning cinematography and captivating storytelling.

The film crew made three trips to the monument in 2010 to record the landscape in a variety of seasons. They filmed in the spring to capture the fierce winds that are common from March through May and are a key part of the dune formation story; early summer to work with researchers to understand the confluence of science and nature that has earned White Sands the nickname “the Galapagos Islands of North America;” and, finally, in late August to film the summer monsoons, which illustrate the critical role of water in this ecosystem.

The film’s writer and director, Tim Dilworth, captured the importance of this honor when he notified park staff of the news: “When we started, park staff told me that they wanted the film to win an Emmy, and this is about as close as it gets for most natural history films. When you read the list of other winners, you'll see the other names are BBC, Nature and National Geographic—great company in natural history production!”

The film will screen at the International Wildlife Film Festival on May 10th at 3 pm in Missoula, Montana. For more information about International Wildlife Film Festival, visit “A Land in Motion” is also played every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour in the monument’s visitor center.

Click on the link below to see the opening minute or so of the film on Vimeo.


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