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ProRanger Program Participants Rehab Park Landscape

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

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Students from the 2012 ProRanger San Antonio program recently assisted park staff in rehabilitating the cultural landscape in front of Mission Concepción. 

A prolonged drought, coupled with recent construction in the immediate vicinity, severely compacted soils, preventing a spring growth of new grasses and understory. Park landscape architect James Oliver directed the work of the ProRangers to restore the damaged areas, which are situated in a high visitor use area. 

ProRanger cadets, led by Dr. Lavell Merritt, got the opportunity to both participate in a worthwhile service project and to interact with many park visitors who have not heard about the ProRanger program.  Cadets got to brush up on their communication skills with visitors while doing a very labor intensive project.

Results of the ProRanger cadet’s efforts will help the park reclaim a damaged cultural landscape, mitigate soil loss, and limit storm water runoff while beautifying a very prominent view of Mission Concepción for visitor enjoyment. Park staff also got the opportunity to interact with the cadets and help begin their introduction process into the National Park Service.

Participating from the ProRanger program were Dr. Lavell Merritt and cadets Angela Kesti, Jonathon Moul, Hali Gonzalez, Trent Haire, Tiara Chapman, Sean McNeil, and Erick Garza.  Participating from San Antonio Missions NHP were superintendent John Lujan, partnerships and agreements specialist Mike Fager, landscape architect James Oliver, and biologist Greg Mitchell


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