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Numerous Citations Issued At Mud Bogging Event

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area

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During the weekend of February 24th, the annual Canadian River Mud Bog took place on adjacent state lands just outside of the Rosita Flats ORV area, one of two designated off-road areas within Lake Meredith NRA (mud bogging is an off-road event in which drivers attempt to navigate a pit of deep mud). This event normally draws close to 14,000 people annually, with a large number of them recreating in the ORV area, but this year saw a drop in attendance.  As in prior years, Lake Meredith enhanced it law enforcement operation during this event, resulting in the issuance of a total of 57 citations over the weekend, the majority of them for alcohol offences. Along with these were numerous charges for possession of marijuana and one arrest for purchasing alcohol for minors. Rangers also dealt with two medical calls within the park and on adjacent state land. Two rangers from Chickasaw National Recreation Area, including K9 handler Kane Seitz and his dog “Boomer,” assisted Lake Meredith staff.  Boomer’s presence and abilities led to the park recording the largest number of drug possession cases it’s ever made during this event. Rangers were also assisted by two BLM rangers and the park’s fire staff, who patrolled the ORV area in weather conditions similar to last year’s event, which saw over 750,000 acres burned in the surrounding area. For a YouTube video showing this year’s mud bogging event, click on this link.


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