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Park Holds First-Ever Science Symposium

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

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Over 60 scientists, professors, students, federal, state and local government employees, and NPS staff gathered on January 20th for the first Timucuan Science Symposium, organized by the park. The event was co-sponsored by the Florida Park Service and Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation.

The symposium was planned to connect natural and cultural researchers, community residents and NPS personnel at Timucuan, as well as to identify research partners for scientists, share success stories of researchers who have contributed to the management and interpretation of the park's resources, and communicate the resources available at the park, its research needs and its protocols.

The event was held at the beautiful 1920s-era Ribault Club, now owned and managed by the Florida Park Service’s Talbot Islands State Parks, a partner of Timucuan Preserve. Researchers presented papers during concurrent sessions on topics ranging from archeology in the preserve to bird monitoring to water quality of the St. Johns River.  The entire group gathered in the afternoon to brainstorm cultural and natural resource research needs and to discuss the topic “Where Do We Go From Here?”

The science symposium brought together people interested in cultural and natural history, just as the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve protects and joins cultural and natural history in 46,000 acres of varied habitats in Northeast Florida.  The day was filled with networking opportunities, and the papers and discussions during the symposium will aid park staff in using science to inform future decision-making.


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