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Park Holds Blood Drive In Honor Of Clara Barton

Glen Echo Park

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A blood drive, co-sponsored by the American Red Cross, the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture and the National Park Service, was held at Glen Echo Park on December 9th.  The drive was held in honor of the American Red Cross’ visionary leader, Clara Barton.

The drive took place in the Annex of the historic Spanish Ballroom. American Red Cross workers collected 37 productive units of blood from 47 donors.  These donations have the potential to save 111 hospital patients in need of life-saving blood. 

Interpreters offered a program “Are You Ready?” which focused on Clara Barton’s preparedness and gave donors a chance to make their own emergency response kit. The staff also created an exhibit that focused on the shared history of Glen Echo Park and Clara Barton National Historic Site and presented an illustrated program comparing Red Cross relief efforts in Clara Barton’s time with current relief efforts.  Clara Barton National Historic Site, adjacent to Glen Echo Park, offered hourly house tours during the drive.

The American Red Cross, the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, and the National Park Service hope to continue this partnership with future events. Other blood drives will be offered in 2012, when the sites will observe the 100th anniversary of Clara Barton’s death. 


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