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Alabama Man Convicted On Felony ARPA Charges

Vicksburg National Military Park

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The park’s resource program manager was traveling down Confederate Avenue on September 3rd when she came upon a man who was putting something large into the trunk of his vehicle, which was parked near the 40th Alabama marker. Since his actions seemed suspicious, she contacted rangers. Their investigation revealed that the man was Ernest Taylor of Foley, Alabama, and that he’d been metal detecting in and around the park, city of Vicksburg and Warren County on a planned expedition with his family. Recovered were fragments from Civil War era Hotchkiss and Parrot-type artillery projectiles, Depression era bottles, and railroad spikes. Taylor was charged with two counts of violation of the Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (16 USC 470) and convicted in federal court on November 15th. He was fined a $100 assessment, required to relinquish possession of all his equipment (including two metal detectors valued at nearly $2,500), ordered to prepare a paper on the significance of the Vicksburg Campaign, and placed on three years’ probation. During this probationary period, he is prohibited from entering all NPS military parks. The prosecution was conducted in conjunction with the Southeast Archeological Center and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.


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