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Arsonist Sentenced For Burning Park Building

Ocmulgee National Monument

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The historic 1856 Dunlap House, site of the Civil War battle of Dunlap Hill in July 1864 and the Battle of Walnut Creek in November 1864, sustained approximately $250,000 in interior damage from an arson fire last February. Dwight Davis was recently convicted on a related arson charge; he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and banned from all federal parks. Davis, who has a lifetime of felony convictions, had previously been incarcerated following numerous burglary convictions and was on parole when he burglarized the unoccupied park structure in the pre-dawn hours last February 9th. The building’s smoke alarm was set off during the break in and it was saved from being a total loss by the rapid response of the Macon Fire Department. Davis, who was found at the scene by the firefighters, said that unknown persons with a Molotov cocktail had chased him into the building and set it on fire. The arson investigation refuted his story with definitive evidence of a pour pattern and accelerant employed at a specific point of ignition. Macon officers took Davis into custody based on blood evidence acquired where he’d broken out a window pane to gain entry. The conviction was obtained through the park’s close working relationship with Macon police and firefighters and county deputies and prosecutors.


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