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Hiker Falls To Her Death In Stream Gorge

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

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Early on the afternoon of Sunday, November 13th, Kathleen Stein, 67, and a friend met in the park at Spackman’s Creek to go hiking. The two friends often come to the park to hike, and typically meet at one location, then separate and take different trails. On this occasion, Stein’s companion hiked up the main branch of the stream to seek some waterfalls. Stein reportedly had some health issues which kept her from keeping pace with her partner, so she left him to hike along the creek’s north rim. When she failed to return, the park was notified and rangers began a hasty search for her late in the evening. Around 10 p.m., they found her blaze orange hat on the rim of the gorge and shortly thereafter discovered her body in the stream below. It appears that she fell over a 100-foot-high embankment and landed face down in the creek. The scene was secured until additional rangers, an NPS special agent, a Pennsylvania State Police forensic unit, and the Pike County coroner arrived to complete the investigation. The park’s high-angle rescue team assisted by descending into the gorge and recovering the body. The investigation continues.


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