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Land Resources Division Presents New Maps To Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

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Staff from the Land Resources Division’s Technical Center recently came to the park to personally deliver an updated administrative boundary for Rocky Mountain National Park. Also presented were copies of updated tract maps that show NPS ownership and interests within and adjoining the park.

Making the presentation were the division’s chief cartographer, Roger Johnson, cartographer Daniel Konzek, and other staff.

In order to meet evolving expectations of map products in the digital world, the Land Resources Division is converting its paper segment maps to GIS data.  To do this for Rocky Mountain National Park, they used a rigorous process involving the park's enabling legislation, deeds, legal descriptions and other documents that define the park's land holdings. 

Communication and collaboration were critical components in completing the successful digital data conversion for the park. A new and highly accurate set of land status maps, GIS data and metadata are now publically available at the Service’s Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) Data Store. The legal documents that define the park are also now electronically accessible to all NPS employees on LandsNet.

Following a short presentation meeting and the handoff of the data at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, the park's GIS specialist, Ron Thomas, took the group into the park to show them how their maps and data are used in the management of the park.

"Often we are so focused on mapping activities that it is nice to be reminded of the resources we are working to protect,” said Johnson, “and to have a chance to speak with other individuals that work on this same goal from a much different perspective."


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