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Youth Outreach Takes Flight At Rosie The Riveter

Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park

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This year saw the establishment of two promising new youth engagement partnerships at Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park.

Thanks to YouthWORKS, the City of Richmond’s job training program for at-risk youth, the park successfully launched the Hometown/Richmond! Youth in Parks program with a cohort of high school students last October. These students visited several national parks this past year, where they contributed to restoration work and learned about the NPS, its various assets, its mission, and its leading role in preserving American places and histories.  For many of these young adults this was their first experience with the NPS. 

Said Salvador “Chava” Martinez: “I love everything about working with the Park Service, ‘cause its history and working outside and doing stuff for Richmond too.”

The Hometown/Richmond! team helped to grow the park’s educational resources and presence in the community by creating new online versions of the Marina Bay Trail historic waysides and by contributing sweat equity to several valuable conservation projects.  Through these projects the students learned to appreciate Richmond’s history, gained skills in park interpretation and operations, and most importantly, they accepted their personal duties as the future stewards of Richmond’s environmental and historical legacy.  Check out their work on YouTube

The park also established an important new partnership with Groundwork Richmond, part of Groundwork USA, a nationwide network  of local trusts established across the United States in places that have experienced decades of decline in their physical and social environments. Funded through the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, their mission is to foster and awaken the potential of these neighborhoods by working with communities to improve their physical environment.  As part of the Groundwork Richmond’s ongoing efforts to revitalize Richmond’s physical environment (with a special emphasis on developing the Richmond Greenway), this exciting new player in Richmond supports their own youth group, The Richmond Green Screen Team.  The Green Screen Team specializes in developing and presenting multi-media products such as comics, posters, and webisodes on YouTube to promote environmental activities in Richmond. On their YouTube channel you can see examples of their videos which document their own community involvement as well as their collaboration with Hometown/Richmond!.


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