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End Of Summer Event Held In Meridian Hill Park

Rock Creek Park

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On Friday, August 5th, an end of summer event was held at Meridian Hill Park, part of Rock Creek Park, in partnership with the National Park Service, National Capital Region and the Latin American Youth Center. There were a total of 662 attendees.  Of those, 504 were youth, while the remaining 158 were staff or vendors. 

This partner event was notable, as a third of the event was health-related, with free health screening tests (hearing, vision, pregnancy, HIV, etc.) and information about nutrition, cancer, diabetes, sexual wellness. The HIV mobile unit from the Whitman-Walker Clinic was also present and parked adjacent to the park boundary.

Another third of the event highlighted youth performances, including youth who participated in NCR and LAYC’s “2nd Nature: National Parks and the Power of Art” summer program. The remaining third of the event consisted of an area with fun and permitted recreational activities such as zumba and yoga demonstrations, a Muevete area, water games, arts and crafts activities, and face painting.

Meridian Hill Park is the largest green space in Columbia Heights, a diverse neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Meridian Hill Park is also known to the community as “Malcolm X” Park and it is part of Rock Creek Park.

Latin American Youth Center is based in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC, but attracts participants who reside in all eight wards of the city.  The organization was originally founded to meet the needs of youth from Central America, but today provides services to a diverse group of young people, approximately 45% of whom are non-Latino. The LAYC provided services to over 4,000 youth in the last fiscal year.

For more information about the event, contact Anne O’Neill at anne_o’


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