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Exploring a New Kind of Camp

Edison National Historic Site

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Thomas Edison National Historical Park welcomed kids to the park’s 3rd annual Camp Edison.  Although there were no tents or sleeping bags involved for the four day camp, participants learned about the National Park Service and the special resources of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.  Innovation, exploration and discovery were at the heart of each of the four programs.

Each day focused on a different theme:  Victorian Lifestyle, Fun Outdoors, Sound Recording, and the Invention Process.  The first two programs, held at the Edison home, had campers taking a run for it in the servants scramble relay, exploring the estate’s grounds on an outdoor scavenger hunt and even washing clothes on a scrub board and making a bird feeder . The next two day’s of activities were held at the Laboratory Complex where the children learned about sound recording as they constructed their own electric guitars, made their own inventions and even had a chance to meet a local inventor. There was a lot of fun to be had with the wide variety of activities, crafts, games, demonstrations, and special tours. There were no hiking trails or camp songs at Camp Edison. Yet, one thing is certain; the camp was a unique program series that will give rise to a new kind of camper.


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