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Hoover Creek Public Presentation of Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

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Herbert Hoover National Historic Site announces the release and availability of the draft Environmental Impact Statement and Stream Management Plan (DEIS/SMP) for the future management of Hoover Creek. Two identical sessions about the project will be presented on October 12, 2005 at 2:00pm and 7:00pm at the Hoover Presidential Library-Museum. A discussion about the project will follow each presentation. “The reason for this meeting is to explain the alternatives that were developed from the information from the August 2004 meeting and to give the public an opportunity to discuss those alternatives” said Bruce McKeeman, Superintendent of the National Historic Site. The purposes of this DEIS are to address resource issues within the park boundaries associated with Hoover Creek, protect historic structures and cultural resources from frequent flood events, restore the stream to a more historic appearance, and improve natural stream function. The DEIS analyzes the effects and impacts of each alternative in restoring the park stream. The analysis ensures that the park chooses the best and most effective method of meeting the objectives developed from input by the public, aquatic experts, and park staff. Choosing the best method includes consideration of adverse impacts to natural and historic resources, and the surrounding community. The park and its consulting firm used the information and ideas that participants provided during public meetings in August 2004 and an engineering analysis to derive feasible alternatives to stream restoration. The alternatives each provide a different level of flood protection for park resources. These alternatives and the analysis will be presented in the public meeting. The alternatives will emphasize differing levels of flood protection, and stream management tools and techniques. “We request the public to review the alternatives and identify which alternative they feel is the most appropriate to manage erosion and protection of park resources“, said Bruce McKeeman. Copies of the DEIS are available for review at the Coralville, Iowa City, Tipton, and West Branch Public Libraries as well as on-line at


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