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Man Arrested For Drug Trafficking

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

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Ranger Karl Carlson was returning to park headquarters in his fully-marked patrol car on the afternoon of June 18th when he found a grey Mercury Cougar parked in the spot in front of park headquarters that’s designated “NPS Law Enforcement Only.” Carlson pulled behind the Cougar and waited for the driver to pull away, as Carlson assumed that he’d seen his patrol car. The driver made no effort to leave, though, and in a few minutes was joined by a man who entered the Cougar’s passenger side and closed the door. The car remained parked in spot reserved for the patrol vehicle. Carlson got out and approached the Cougar from the passenger side, witnessing what appeared to be a drug transaction in progress and watched it continue for about 20 seconds. The passenger, later identified as Reginald Varnado, then saw Carlson and began attempting to hide the evidence. Carlson immediately arrested both occupants and put them in handcuffs. A search of the Cougar led to the discovery of money and sandwich bags containing Xanax pills. Varnado later told Carlson that he was selling the pills to cover his child support payments. He was charged with felony trafficking of a controlled substance. After the investigation was complete, the driver of the vehicle was released and warned not to park in a restricted area.


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