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Stranded Kayaker Rescued

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Rangers rescued a 67-year-old boatman who landed ashore after his kayak flipped in Schoolboy Rapid. The park received a 911 call on Sunday evening July 3rd, from a group of rafters on the Green River who were missing two of their party. They told the responding ranger that their group had become separated below Moonshine Rapid. The group had stopped to wait for the other boaters, but two boats, an inflatable kayak and a cataraft, never showed up. As they were talking at the Split Mountain Boat Ramp, the cataraft boater showed up, but the kayaker was not with him. The rafter had been unable to retrieve the kayaker after a flip in Schoolboy Rapid. The kayaker was reportedly seen on land, but separated from his boat. Rangers Noel Mays and April Wood were transported to Rainbow Park and launched a raft with overnight gear at 8 p.m. They found the kayaker, retrieved him, his boat, and most of his belongings. They arrived at Split Mountain, a distance of eight miles, slightly more than an hour later. The kayaker received only a few scrapes. The river was running at 22,000 cubic feet per second; it’s usually at about 2800 cubic feet at this time of year.


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