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Rangers Successfully Intervene In Suicide Attempt

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

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A troubled individual from the local community parked in the Mount Baldy parking lot on the morning of June 10th with the intent of committing suicide. Local authorities broadcast an “attempt to locate suicidal subject armed with a handgun” bulletin. Around 5 p.m., visitor use assistants Brandon Waters, Matthew Wineland, Sharon Welsh and Jermaine Dancer, who had been assigned to help visitors in the parking lot, identified the vehicle and called for assistance. Rangers Rich Eshenaur, Thomas Lang, Kelly Caddell, Julie Ladd and Kyle Hudick discovered that the windows of the car were tinted very darkly. They could barely make out the shape of someone moving inside the car. After seeking proper cover, the rangers unsuccessfully attempted to open a dialogue with the driver. After ten minutes, he rolled down his window, and the rangers were able to talk him into getting out of the car. He was taken into protective custody and transferred to a local hospital for evaluation. A search of the car did not reveal any weapons, but a plastic bag with tape around the edge was found. The man said that he had placed the bag over his head and taped it in place in an attempt to end his life, but later took it off.


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