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Search For Missing Colombian Dignitary Escalates

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

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The search for Dr. Francisco Piedrahita in Barataria Preserve, a unit of the Jean Lafitte outside of New Orleans, escalated yesterday, the fourth day of the search. Operations have been challenging due to extremely hot and humid conditions and a terrain dominated by dense, tropical vegetation. A total of 111 people participated in search efforts on Tuesday, continuing to focus on a search area of approximately 2,000 acres. Teams on foot conducted a careful grid search, seven dog teams targeted areas of interest throughout the day, and other sections were covered by helicopter, airboat and off-road vehicles. The Intermountain All Hazard Incident Team (Rick Mossman, IC) is managing the incident for the National Park Service and is also part of a unified command established with the Jefferson Parrish Sherriff’s Department. The NPS search effort has been supported by staff from twelve parks in twelve states and by the Jefferson and St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Departments, Louisiana Search and Rescue, the National Guard and New Orleans Fire Department.  The search continues to produce local and international media interest. The incident management team is seeking experienced ground searchers for an assignment to the park. If you are interested and have confirmed your availability with your supervisor, please contact the EICC at Shenandoah and let them know.


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