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Two Fallen Rangers Remembered

Saint Croix National Scenic River

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To commemorate National Police Week, rangers from St. Croix NSR started over 10 years ago laying flowers on the graves of NPS protection rangers who died in the line of duty. Two were remembered this year.

Ranger Karl Jacobson, who is buried in Eagle Lake, Minnesota, was shot and killed by a poacher on November 13, 1938 while on boundary patrol in Acadia National Park. Ranger Jeff Christensen is buried in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Christensen died on July 29, 2005 when he suffered head injuries as a result of a fall in a rugged and remote section of Rocky Mountain National Park while on backcountry patrol.

Director Horace Albright’s sage words were recalled:          

“We have been compared to the military forces because of our dedication and esprit de corps.  In a sense this is true.  We do act as guardians of our country's land.  Our National Park Service uniform which we wear with pride does command the respect of our fellow citizens.  We have the spirit of fighters, not as a destructive force, but as a power for good.  With this spirit, each of us is an integral part of the preservation of the magnificent heritage we have been given, so that centuries from now people of our world, or perhaps of other worlds, may see and understand what is unique to our earth, never changing, eternal.”


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