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Confrontation With Camper Resolved Peacefully

Gulf Islands National Seashore

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On the afternoon of May 6th, rangers were notified of a camper who’d failed to pay camping fees for the previous three days. They issued a citation to George Jones and told him that he would have to leave the campground if he didn’t pay his fees to date. After they left the campground, Jones called 911 and said that he wasn’t leaving the campground “until justice had been served.” Since Jones was known to be under the influence of alcohol, had been seen to be emotional and upset, had expressed his intention to seek revenge, and was in a position of an advantage high up on the top of his RV, rangers approached the campsite with caution, with one ranger carrying a rifle. Jones told him that he wasn’t leaving and that he’d jump if anyone tried to make him leave. An Ocean Springs officer arrived on scene and offered to assist. The rangers backed away while the officer talked with Jones. He repeatedly tried to get Jones to come down; when the latter declined, the officer climbed up on the roof to talk with him. This led to a confrontation in which the officer used his taser on Jones, but failed to incapacitate him. Jones then advanced on the officer, and a ranger employed his taser on Jones in another attempt to incapacitate him. That failed as well, but Jones then began to talk to officers and asked for help. An ambulance was summoned. When it arrived, Jones climbed down from atop the motor home and was sent to the Gulf Coast VA Hospital for evaluation and treatment.


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