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Several People Rescued During Flash Flood

Pea Ridge National Military Park

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The park and surrounding areas received eight to ten inches of rain last week, causing severe flooding and prompting the National Weather Service to issue flash flood warnings. On the morning of April 25th, another two inches or so of rain fell within an hour, causing flash flooding and associated dangers within the park. Early that afternoon, park employees Nolan Moore and Curtis Tilghman were assessing flood damage at the Union trenches along Little Sugar Creek when they came in contact with several people trying to evacuate because of flooding. Seeing the potential for events to worsen rapidly, they contacted ranger Matt Fry and maintenance worker Dean Pippin for additional assistance. While assisting residents in crossing the swollen creek by bridge, park employees noted that the water was rising rapidly. During the process of getting the last woman and her dog to safety, a vehicle traveling parallel to the creek attempted to pass through the flood water, but soon stalled. Moore waded to the vehicle and brought the driver to safety. After the water receded the stalled vehicle was found 100 hundred yards downstream. Flooding damaged the county road and left debris that blocked access to the area. A damage assessment is currently underway. There were two deaths in Benton County related to flash flooding, over 100 weather related calls, and several swift water rescues.  


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