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Park Celebrates Two Years Without Lost Time Accident

Prince William Forest Park

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On March 29th, the staff and volunteers at Prince William Forest Park gathered together to celebrate successfully working two years without a lost time accident. 

The top to bottom commitment to safety at Prince William Forest Park is based on a concrete belief that a strong safety culture is the foundation for an effective safety and health program.  Each team member displays a strong commitment to safety every day, from wearing personal protective equipment such as goggles and respirators to all-employee training on hazardous materials and defensive all-weather driving. 

Kathy Caudill, the park’s safety officer, conducts safety orientations to all new employees, interns and volunteers who join the park staff and works with park staff to conduct job hazard analyses for even the simplest of tasks and for public events. 

"I am proud to announce that we have successfully worked two years without a lost time accident, which equates to a whopping 730 days,” said George Liffert, the park’s deputy superintendent. “Each of you have demonstrated that working safely is not only a top priority, but a value.  I admire the strong commitment to safety that each and every one of you display.”

Maintaining safe practices for employees additionally provides the safest environment possible for park visitors. It is also shown to save taxpayer dollars that would otherwise have been spent on workers’ compensation or lost on lost productivity. Park management and staff believe that through teamwork and commitment, park staff can continue this on-going progress, as people are the National Park Services’ most valuable resource.

Park staff set the next safety goal at 1,000 days without a lost time accident... so stay tuned.


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