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Living Voices Program Brings Life To History

Morristown National Historical Park

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On Saturday, March 19th, actor David Nathan Scott came to Morristown National Historical Park and presented a multimedia interactive display about life during the Revolutionary War.  Scott is from the acting troupe, Living Voices, a Seattle-based group that presents interactive dramas to educational institutions throughout the country. 

Living Voices presented a program called “Our Revolution,” which was the story of a freed black man from Massachusetts named Peter Freeman. 

“Our Revolution” was performed on stage in front of a digital media projection with images, sounds and voices from the story of Peter Freeman.  As David interacted with the projection and the auditorium full of visitors, the emotions associated with the struggle of the enslaved men – deciding which side to fight for, which one would free them, their friends and their families – were conveyed to the audience. 

“It is important for groups like Living Voices to present programs like this,” said Scott. “They are crucial to telling the stories of not only the great leaders of the time, but of the thousands of others that struggled to make this great country into what it is today.” 

The program had a curriculum connection with both the New Jersey state curriculum and those of several other states as well. 

“We try to design programming that appeals to many audiences and has connections to the formal education standards as well,” said Rachel McClinton, artistic director for Living Voices.  “We were glad to work with Morristown National Historical Park to have the opportunity to present such a program.”

For more information about Morristown NHP or living voices, please contact Justin Monetti, chief of interpretation, at 973-214-8924.


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