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Boaters Find Partial Human Skull

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

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On the afternoon of March 22nd, Lincoln County dispatch advised rangers in the South District that a report had been received of boaters in distress near Jones Bay. A ranger drove to the shoreline of the bay and employed a PA system to contact them, advising the boaters to return to shore. They instead continued to paddle their disabled boat out into the lake, so the ranger departed. Later that evening, the district ranger learned that they’d come ashore and that a local resident had given them a ride to their vehicle at Keller Ferry. During the drive, they talked about finding part of a human skull while in the park, adding that they planned on taking it home with them. Rangers contacted members of the group when they returned to pick up their boat the next morning. Ranger Jeremy Miller interviewed a man who admitted to taking the skull home with him to Wenatchee, Washington. He said that he’d found it sitting on the beach and took rangers to the location where he’d found it, which they’d marked with a log. Rangers then went with the man to his residence in Wenatchee and retrieved the partial skull. Park archaeologist Ray DePuydt examined the area where it was found and was unable to locate any other remains, artifacts or evidence. It is believed to be Native American in origin, so DePuydt is consulting with local tribes regarding possible affiliation.


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