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Rangers Seize More Than A Ton Of Marijuana

Big Bend National Park

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Park dispatch received a report of a broken down pickup truck on Black Gap Road around 5 p.m. on March 12th. The seldom-used road, which is an unmaintained 4x4 high clearance route, is in one of the more rugged and remote backcountry areas of the park. When the first ranger arrived on scene, he discovered that the truck was hauling a large quantity of marijuana and that it appeared to have been abandoned – it was off to the side of the road and likely broken down. Most of the marijuana was completely sealed and encased inside heavy steel blocks, more commonly used to smuggle drugs inside fuel tanks.  The blocks were in the bed of the truck and the back seat. DEA was called to come retrieve the drugs and truck and they arrived at 10 p.m. After the blocks were off-loaded, rangers discovered that the entire truck frame was packed with numerous bricks of marijuana. It therefore could not be left on site to be recovered later. Rangers worked throughout the night to remove the vehicle and have it towed out of the rugged backcountry. During daylight hours, it was determined that the truck’s occupants had walked 20 miles south back to Mexico via Glen Spring Draw. The final weight of the marijuana recovered was 2,179 pounds.


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