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Shackleford Horses Up For Adoption

Cape Lookout National Seashore

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Cape Lookout is looking for permanent mainland homes for six relocated “Banker” horses, members of a herd that still runs wild on Shackleford Banks.

Herd members have a genetic link to Colonial Spanish horses and are recognized by the Horse of the America’s Registry.  They are part of the cultural history of the Outer Banks, where they have lived for centuries.

Born wild and removed for population control, these young horses tame well with time and patience and are generally recognized by adoptive owners as being exceptionally intelligent.  Shackleford horses grow to 11 to 13 hands (four inches per hand).  They are kept as companions for other horses and for people, and can be trained for driving or riding. “Hiawatha,” for example, removed in 2007 when one year old, is being started under saddle by adoptive owner Heather Beveridge in Raleigh, North Carolina.  

The Foundation for Shackleford Horses, Inc. handles adoptions.  Available now are three geldings born in 2008 – the calm, curious “Adagio;” the nice, patient “Bolero;” and the friendly, calm “Disco.” “Soprano” is a quiet, reserved, gelding of 2007.  Two 2008 fillies are also available – the calm, sweet “Salsa” and the nosey, bright “Samba.” The current candidates for adoption wear halters and do lead.

Adoptions are handled on a first-come basis.  An adoption fee is charged and there are facility requirements.

For more information and/or an adoption application contact Anita Kimball at 252-241-5222 or, after 6:00 p.m., Joy Lawrence at 252-728-7111.  To make an appointment to see the horses, contact Anita Kimball.  In Florida, contact Bob Cubbage at 352-817-3576.


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