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Ranger Arrests Man Wanted For Kidnapping

New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

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Ranger James Pickard was on patrol in the park on February 20th when he came upon a man who was acting suspiciously. He was nervous and was in an area known for illegal drugs and prostitution. Pickard determined his identity as Ausar Allah-El, checked him out via the mobile data terminal in his patrol car, and received a felony hit for child abduction out of Los Angeles. He immediately got warrant confirmation and extradition notification from the sheriff’s office there and took the man into custody. While driving him to the Orleans Parish jail for booking, the US Marshal’s Office and Center for Missing and Exploited Children were both calling the park for more information, since the victim of the kidnapping had not yet been found. After Allah-El was booked, officers from a number of law enforcement agencies began scouring the French Quarter, looking for a second suspect, wife Serenity Sol-El, and the kidnapping victim, their own child, who had been taken from them by the state of California due to neglect. A massive search had been conducted in the Los Angeles area at the time, as the child was in dire need of medical attention. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children published bulletins and posters with the child’s picture, but the case went cold until Pickard contacted the man for panhandling. On March 4th, Serenity Sol-El and the young boy were found and taken into custody. Both husband and wife remain in prison, awaiting extradition back to California. The boy, who weighed only 38 pounds when found, received medical attention and has been reunited with relative in Los Angeles. The US Marshal’s Office complimented Pickard on his attention to detail, which led to the arrest. Media interest in the case has been high in Los Angeles.


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