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Firefighters Suppress Arson Blaze At Dunlap House

Ocmulgee National Monument

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Superintendent Jim David received an alarm notification of a fire at the Dunlap house just before 4 a.m. on Wednesday, February 9th. The 1857 house played an important role in the park's civil war history and the WPA CCC era of excavation, and, until a few years ago, served as the superintendent’s residence. Upon arrival, David found several units from the Macon Fire Department and Macon Police Department on scene. Although no smoke was seen, firefighters walked around the house, spotted a fire in one of the back bedrooms, entered, and suppressed the blaze. There was extensive damage to several rooms and smoke and heat damage throughout, but the house was saved due to the fire department's quick response.  It’s estimated that the fire was within minutes of "flashover," which would have resulted in total loss of the structure. The fire was caused by a man breaking into the house and setting a fire in the back bedroom. When the fire department arrived, firefighters saw the man standing alone in the field next to the house. Macon PD officers took him into custody. They found that he had cuts on his hands and that there was blood on the floor by the broken window used to access the house. Ranger Irv Brock is working with the police and fire departments on the investigation. The house was vacant and would have been destroyed without the fire alarm system.


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