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Volunteers Plant A Forest

Big Thicket National Preserve

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Members of the Houston Sierra Club and Big Thicket Association helped restore a wetland pine savannah area in the Lance Rosier Unit last month by planting longleaf pine seedlings. The hard clay soils in the treatment area put up a good fight, but the group proved up to the challenge.

Volunteers from the National Parks Conservation Association, Magnolia Garden Club, Houston Garden Club, River Oaks Garden Club, and Big Thicket Association pitched in to help restore longleaf pine forest habitat in the northern part of the Turkey Creek Unit.

Thanks to these dedicated and hard working volunteers, 13,026 longleaf pine seedlings were planted in a 52-acre area in the Turkey Creek Unit and a 10-acre area in the Lance Rosier Unit. A day of service and a new forest to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and victims of the Tucson tragedy was the sentiment over the MLK weekend and holiday.

Although miniscule in relation to the 60 million acres that were once covered in longleaf pine, this work is part of continuing restoration efforts to advance Big Thicket National Preserve’s mission of maintaining high quality examples of representative vegetation communities. The longleaf pine ecosystem provides habitat for rare species including the red-cockaded woodpecker and Texas trailing phlox.


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